NetworkNZ Fundraising Mookies - Local Taranaki

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Mookies love supporting the community and have a plan in place to help all the wonderful charities and fundraisers. With each big bake off, Mookies are putting aside a limited no of boxes for fundraisers. We appreciate that lots of organisations are looking for cool products to use for raising money. So we have put aside 100 boxes from the first ever big bake off.

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The Deal

A box of 50 individually wrapped Mookies, loaded full of triple choc yummyness and a motivational quote stuck on top. Each individual Mookie weighs 18g.

This is only open to fundraisers and registered charities. We will require your charity number to fulfill the order.

This deal does not include shipping/freight costs. Once the order is placed we will call you to discuss. 

If you are local in Taranaki no doubt we can sort shipping for free. 

RRP $1.20 per individual Mookie

Promo Code NetworkNZ at the checkout.